Corporate Directory

Name: Little Green Pharma Ltd
Business Description: The cultivation, production and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis products for patients.
Listings: Little Green Pharma Ltd listed 20 February 2020
Chief Executive Officer: Mr Paul Long
Chief Financial Officer: Mr Angus McDougall Caithness 
Board of Directors: Mr Michael David Lynch-Bell (Independent Non-Executive Chair)
Dr Neale William Fong (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Beatriz Vicén Banzo (Independent Non-Executive Director)
Ms Fleta Jennifer Solomon (Executive Director)
Mr Angus McDougall Caithness (Executive Director)
Company Secretary: Mr Alistair Warren
Registered Office: West Perth WA 6005
Phone: +61 8 6280 0050
Fax: N/A
Share Registry: Computershare Limited Level 11, 172 St George’s Terrance
Perth, WA 6000
Phone:  (08) 9323 2000 (within Australia)
+61 08 9323 2000 (outside Australia)
Fax: +61 8 9323 2033
Auditor: BDO Audit (WA) Pty Ltd
Level 9, Mia Yellagonga Tower 2, 5 Spring Street
Perth, WA 6000