French Update

LGP to capitalise as France integrates medicinal cannabis into healthcare system

Little Green Pharma is poised to significantly capitalise on a major amendment to the French health security bill, paving the way for a substantial transformation in how medicinal cannabis is integrated into the French healthcare system.

Little Green Pharma CEO Paul Long said the legislation was significant for LGP as it maintained the Company’s substantial first-mover advantage and was anticipated to substantially bolster the Company’s already strong revenue stream from European operations.

Mr Long said the strategic pathway also positioned LGP favourably for potential market registration in the future, leveraging its extensive experience in supplying cannabis based products in France.

In 2021, LGP and leading French pharmaceutical distributors, Intsel Chimos and Centre Lab, were appointed as primary supplier and distributor of LGP’s 1:20 THC:CBD and CBD50 medicinal cannabis oils for a two-year French pilot of medicinal cannabis products in the treatment of certain clinical conditions (“Pilot”).2 Both 1:20 THC:CBD and CBD50 medicinal cannabis oil products were produced at LGP’s Australian operations.

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CEO Paul Long explains how LGP to significantly benefit from new laws governing two-stage post-French Pilot medicinal cannabis supply in France